Not Anymore Sorority
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Not Anymore is an interactive online program designed to prevent sexual assault, dating and domestic violence and stalking while helping your campus meet Campus SaVE Act (VAWA) and Title IX education mandates.

Every Choice is an interactive online interpersonal violence prevention program focused on bystander intervention created in collaboration with Green Dot, etc. Every Choice helps your campus meet Campus SaVE Act (VAWA) and Title IX education mandates.

Student Success Programs Engage on Three Levels


Our programs are based on contemporary research and are driven by cutting-edge educational theories. Students benefit from content based on social norming theory and motivational interviewing techniques. Because we're aware of students' ability to appreciate subtlety, our programs are rich with essential factual data that empowers them to distinguish myth from reality.


Abstract ideas take powerful form through real-life interviews and stories relating to the material being discussed. True accounts of interpersonal violence help viewers build empathy for survivors, as well as better understand the risks they face. Our programs' realistic scenarios put students directly into situations they may one day find themselves in.


Student Success programs are peer-led, and designed to raise and resolve objections and questions students viewing the program may have. Rather than being preached at, students viewing our programs experience true-to-life conversations, scenarios and stories. Acknowledging the fundamentally social nature of students, our programs teach them how to be socially adept while still engaging in constructive, positive behavior.

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