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Our Sexual Assault Prevention program is designed to help reduce sexual assault on college campuses by raising student awareness and by verifying student learning and participation.

How it works. And why.

Our Sexual Assault Prevention program employs a multi–faceted approach that engages students intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Our programs resonate powerfully with students, and supplemental materials—including follow–up email communications and video boosters—strengthen the impact.

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Sexual Assault Prevention engages users on three levels.


Students benefit from the latest research on sexual assault awareness and prevention. Essential factual data empowers them to distinguish rape myths from reality.


Abstract ideas take powerful form through true, peer-relayed stories of sexual assault. Portrayals of realistic scenarios show students ways to avoid and escape sexual assault personally, as well as how to intervene when they see others in potential sexual assault situations.


Actors raise and resolve the same objections held by many students viewing the program. Students learn how to be socially adept while also reducing their risk of being involved in a sexual assault.

And delivers in three crucial ways.

Authoritative content.

Our programs feature peer-led discussions built upon the latest and most relevant contemporary research.


Students view our programs as real, not academic. Their connection to the material helps facilitate campus–wide changes in attitude that can increase both student success and retention.

Quantitative success.

Pre- and post-tests show real progress is being made. For example, 88% of students passed our sexual assault program's post-test, whereas just 59% passed the pre-test. Learn More

Privacy, safety and security policies of the Student Success: Sexual Assault Prevention program

Student Success cares passionately about student privacy, and about the safety and security of our program and the data it generates. To those ends, here are the safeguards and policies we’ve put into place.

1) On the "Account Setup" page, students are told the following before they are asked for any demographic information: "The following demographic questions should take less than five minutes to complete, and help us learn about you and your life, so that we can improve this program. All answers are strictly confidential and will not be shared with any outside party. Please note that all potentially sensitive questions offer a "Prefer not to answer" option.

If at any time you feel the need to contact a counselor or local rape crisis center, click the "Resources" button in the upper right corner."

2) The Resources button, which is available at all times during the program, takes a student to a customizable list of campus and local resources, as well as this link: At this website students can find the nearest rape crisis centers by zip code, or can call 1-800-656-HOPE to speak with a rape crisis counselor at any time of the day or night. Participating schools can add web links and phone numbers of campus and local resources to their version of the Sexual Assault Prevention program, assuring student access to whatever services they might need in this regard.

3) Student privacy is protected in the questions on ethnicity, religious affiliation, family income and sexuality (sexual preference) by providing the option "Prefer not to answer" in each answer set.

4) After students complete their account setup, but before their pre-test, students are taken to a standalone webpage concerning student privacy, which reads:

Privacy Statement

Student Success values the privacy of the users of our program in all regards, and will do all we can to assure you of strict confidentiality.

To that end, administrators will not see the answers you give to any questions anywhere in this program connected to any information identifying you personally, but will only see your overall pre-test and post-test scores. Your participation is completely confidential, meaning your name and e-mail address will never be given out or used in any fashion other than to contact you with follow up information on sexual assault education/prevention.

Consent for Research

Student Success uses student responses, including demographic information, for research purposes in an effort to reduce sexual assaults on college campuses and to improve the effectiveness of this training program. In accordance to the Privacy Statement, Student Success may use my program data for research purposes provided that my name and any identifying information is kept strictly confidential, meaning that such information will never appear in any internal or external Student Success materials. I understand that there is no penalty for declining to participate in the research and that I may still complete the program.

Students must click the "I have read the Privacy Statement" and choose to either agree or decline to the Consent for Research paragraph before continuing with the program.

5) Before any potentially triggering video content is seen by a student, the following information is given on screen:

Warning: This program contains material that may "trigger" a reaction from sexual assault survivors. Before that material occurs, a red square will appear in the lower left corner. If you find this material difficult, please turn down the sound on your computer until the square disappears. We apologize for any discomfort this material causes. And we hope you understand the necessity of including true-to-life material in a program like this one.

6) As alluded to above, a red square first flashes, then stays on screen during all the sections of the program that might trigger discomfort for sexual assault survivors.

7) Another assurance of student data's security with us is our contractual obligation to participating schools as outlined in our Agreement, which states: "Student Success and User agree that Student Success reserves the right to utilize information about User generated as a result of the performance of this Agreement for academic research purposes, in connection with which research Student Success agrees to preserve the anonymity of anyone who obtains access to the Software through facilities provided by User."

In other words, we're contractually obligated to all participating schools to protect the anonymity of any student who takes our program.

8) Finally, the data we gather from your students is protected by our IT partners at Savvior Technologies in the following ways:

Physical Security: The server on which all data is stored is located in a disaster-proof facility called "aspStation," which their website describes as "an 18,000 square-foot building...designed by IBM and built in 1990 as a secure data center for a local hospital. This modern facility is complete with a built-in full-time UPS, stand-by generator, 3,700 square feet of raised flooring, and a Halon fire suppression system." The facility requires security key card access to the building, as well as a combination lock to access the rack the Student Success server is stored in. You can learn more here:

Virtual Security: Transmission between the user's machine and the server is done securely, using the web's most recent standard SSL encryption level, currently 128bit. Servers are updated regularly with the latest security updates for respective operating systems.

Server Administrators Security: Savvior Server Administrators are under contract with Student Success to protect and keep private our data. No client data is accessed by Savvior unless Student Success would specify.

We hope this compilation of information helps you better understand Student Success’s commitment to student privacy as well as to the security and safety of all data generated by our program. Should you have further questions, please call us at 877.349.1150 or email us at Thanks.



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